Jom Joint Venture!!!

Ak buat joint venture ini utk bg peluang pada yg x ada blog sendiri utk iklankan barang diorang. Klu berminat, email aku dan bagi email korang ke aku. Tapi pastikan korang sentiasa iklankan barang bundle dlm blog ni. Setakat satu barang je x payah la. Yang dah ada blog pun bleh join.Yg nk exchange link, email aku

Nudie Jeans (SOLD)  

Posted by iNdRa

Price : Offer me ur best price if u interested....

tiptop brand in europe!!!!
nudie everage joe.
kaler blue black.
condition br lg... 90%
da sizen, tp skit je
button fly n redline selvedge..
saiz kt tag 30, tp saiz 31/32 leh pki
labuh 42
cutting dy lawa.... mcm slim fit skit.
patch kulit,
made in italy.
xde koyak n no alter.
kaki pn still ori lg, chain stich.
berminat, sila msg or col sy di no ni.
indra, 0179337007/0133006573.
serius buyer only..


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